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Touch means more than words
I didn't know how to tell you
I wasn't sure if you felt the same way
I still haven't told you
Yet I think you know how I feel
It was a simple touch
That showed you how I felt
Now that we know
I miss you everyday
I think of the times we've spent
The days we have ahead together
The things I want to do with you
Be it cuddling in front of a warm fire
Or dancing in the rain
Rocking out to our favourite songs
Or just driving aimlessly
I wish I could spend more time with you
Oh, how I miss you
:iconstewie1860:stewie1860 3 0
In the Corner of the Pool
In my dreams
I tried to drown myself
In a pool of sorrow
While I was sitting there
In the corner of the pool
My lungs filling
With icy despair
You sat there
Talking to your lover
As if nothing was wrong
No one attempted to save me
Sitting in the corner of the pool
The harder I tried to drown
The more I couldn't
I became accustomed to the water
Breathing it like air
You started to kiss him
The more sensual the kisses became
The more I wanted to drown
But I couldn't
Now while you are happy with him
I am still sitting here
In the corner of the pool
Breathing the dispair
:iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 0
Shut out
I'm going crazy
My heart is broken
Lost in this world
With no one to love
You left me behind
Shut me out in the dark
You have a boy now
You and he are happy
But what about me?
I'm losing my mind
You are my world
No place in the world
Is as dark and deep
As I feel right now
Right here, wishing
You were still with me
He will never love you
As much as I love you
He will never treat you
Like a the princess you are
His life will never revolve
Around you like mine would
I am here waiting for you
Fighting through everyday
Hoping that one day
Your love will come back
I love you forever
:iconstewie1860:stewie1860 1 3
Soul Mate
I don't believe that when you are born, your soul is given a perfect matching soul in the world. However what I do believe is that you have a soul. Once your soul connects with another soul through love, they are linked forever. In order to really understand that statement, we must first define love. How do you define love? Love is not about sex, time spent together or dates attended, love is deeper, and you can have sex without love. The parameters that surround love are care, responsibility, respect and knowledge. In order to love, you must care for the other person, if your soul really loves this person, you care for the person. You worry about their safety and their well-being. To care also means you are able to sacrifice and forgive. Love is the active concern for the life and the growth of that which we love. Today responsibility is often meant to denote duty, something imposed upon one from the outside. However responsibility in its true sense, is a voluntary act; its ones respo
:iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 2
Mountains by stewie1860 Mountains :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 1 Venice by stewie1860 Venice :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 3 purple flower by stewie1860 purple flower :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 5 Yellow Mellow by stewie1860 Yellow Mellow :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 2 drops on flower by stewie1860 drops on flower :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 0 FLOWER POWER by stewie1860 FLOWER POWER :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 1 5 Earth by stewie1860 Earth :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 6 Cartoon shoes by stewie1860 Cartoon shoes :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 6 Old Glasses by stewie1860 Old Glasses :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 15
Be mine
You make the day shine,
Brighter than before,
I wish you could always be mine,
Let's hit the dance floor.
I'm not gonna let you go,
I want to keep you close to me,
Please be mine,
Make me shine!
I've never been this happy,
Before I met you,
You're incredibly peppy,
That's why I love you.
Every time we talk,
I get lost somewhere,
Every time we walk,
I'm happy we're a pair.
I'm not gonna let you go,
I want to keep you close to me,
I always want to be yours,
And you be mine,
We'll shine!
:iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 7
As days go on
As days go on I start to wonder about what will come next, or think about what has happened. But to be honest living in the future and past is not always a good thing, the present is where you should be. Although it may seem hard to stay focused I strongly advice you do for it may be the last thing you do.
:iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 2
Tiger eyes by stewie1860 Tiger eyes :iconstewie1860:stewie1860 0 0


Sunflower by pIXIEPOG Sunflower :iconpixiepog:pIXIEPOG 4 0 Sunflower II by d-a-r-e-k Sunflower II :icond-a-r-e-k:d-a-r-e-k 83 17 Sunset by aiyoshi Sunset :iconaiyoshi:aiyoshi 1,157 199 last fall by amelie89 last fall :iconamelie89:amelie89 20 9 Finding Things From Autumn by P0RG Finding Things From Autumn :iconp0rg:P0RG 546 103 Autumn Ethereal by alexandre-deschaumes Autumn Ethereal :iconalexandre-deschaumes:alexandre-deschaumes 14,839 1,286
Perfect to Me
If I could paint you a picture
I'd fill the canvas with my heart
Tell you everything I feel
Be able to read it on paper
All the emotions I've ever had
Tell the whole story
From start to finish
Still wishing you were what I had
A wash of sadness
The drop of a tear
But with a bright splash of color
So not everything would be sad
Now you can't mistake my smile
For something so cheerful
When I'm still filled with loneliness
Comfort me, help me forget
All the pain I have
Don't leave me here
And maybe I can forgive myself
For the words I could never voice aloud
But even though I'm still here
I feel afloat once more
Still laying on this cloud
Don't let me plummet again
I never want to fall
You know I can't help it
You're so wonderful to me
So perfect, how can I still be free?... <3 :)
:iconrayne-redfield:Rayne-Redfield 2 0
to map sunrises...
one day I will tell my daughter to touch herself
before she ever lets a man do it for her, to learn
her body-secrets and the shape of pleasure. I will
tell her that San Francisco always keeps your heart.
that her skin is a blank canvas, that hair grows,
the value of the right kind of disrespect. that the older
we get, the more we need the people who knew us
when we were young. I will tell my daughter
to give away the secrets that keep her up at night,
and that there is never a wrong time to love someone,
but sometimes a wrong way. I will teach my daughter
to travel without makeup; that sometimes forever means
morning and sometimes the ends of the earth means
Africa or one city over. that it's okay to be afraid of
I will tell my daughter that life is teetering across
the bridge, that the panic building in her chest is okay;
that good love is waiting on the other side; that better
love is holding her hand; and that the best love is her own
voice in the back of her mind, saying "
:iconthis-epiphany:this-epiphany 1,062 374
I Love The Way You Love Me
I love the way I can talk to you
And say what's on my mind
I never have to look away
Or keep a thing inside
Tears fill my eyes when you're not around
Or when you just don't care
But I know in my heart you will do what's right
For me, you will always dare
Material things will never matter
As long as I have you
You make every day that passes
So much easier to get through
My worries disappear when you're around
No thoughts of pain or doubt
I feel your love when you hold me close
And kiss me if I pout
I don't care what they are talking about
All I care for is you
I'll jump off a building to show you my love
If that's what I have to do
I love you for everything that you are
Not what you promise to be
I know you can't see why or how
You're the most important thing to me
:iconevilneedscandy:evilneedscandy 1,482 351
Love by meglar Love :iconmeglar:meglar 8,139 925
My only hope
Nothing makes sense anymore,
wholeness is beyond possibility,
imagined perfection worthless in its existence;
fragmented and distorted,
frustrations bursting from a crying heart,
desire shamed by this simple hopelessness,
For to find pure joy only myself must I deceive,
For these words are my only true reprieve.
:iconwrathne:WrathNE 2 4
is it love?
Is it love when I think about you constantly?
Is it love when I want to encourage you because I truly believe you can do anything?
Is it love when I think you're the most perfect guy out there, regardless of your faults?
Is it love when my stomach flips when you're happy because you made me smile?
Is it love when all I want is for you to be the happiest you possibly can, even if it's not me that does it?
Is it love when I hold you so highly in my opinion, that everyone else pales in comparison to you?
Is it love when I don't even notice other men, and if I do, all I do is try to figure out how they are, in any way possible, like you?
Is it love when after more than 1 year, I love you more and more each day?
Is it love that when I think of how we used to be, every single time, I cry?
Is it love when I get jealous at the mention of another girl who could take you away?
Is it love when I want you so badly I shake?
Is it love when I'm in your arms and feel so content and never want to be a
:iconbloodiedblade:BloodiedBlade 1 0
Missing You
I told you I wouldn't write about you
Some logic about being able to have you
No need to long after you shyly
But now after all these months of being apart
I miss you with all of my heart
As a result I've broken my promise
And this is for you
To tell you about my longing for you
How I miss your arms around my neck when I awake
Your gentle ways of making me feel loved
I even miss the pressure you put on me
Without your pressure I rarely do anything
I need that little push
Will I ever win you back?
:iconeternitydancer:EternityDancer 8 7
Ups and Downs
Sometimes I just want
To write all my secrets down
And throw them to sea.
What if it washed up
Right between your sandy feet,
Would you even read?
If you do, sorry
For the major ups and downs,
I don't know myself.
I know what you'll think;
Why should I know you if you
Don't even know you?
I'll tell you why now:
Because I'm going to die
At some point in time.
It doesn't matter
When, how, why- but aren't you
Glad you got to know
:iconmassxxhysteria:MassxxHysteria 2 0
'Am I The One'
Could it be,
I'm almost afraid to say,
the man my hearts
been waiting for
is finally on his way?
He tells me
I am beautiful,
and can't wait
for our first kiss.
Just the thought
of his lips on mine,
fulfill my every wish!
I just want someone
who cares about me
and wants me
by his side.
A friend, a lover,
a confidant,
a soul mate
filled with pride!
Just thinking of him
gives me butterflies,
the feelings of a
silly school girl.
I really like this
handsome boy,
he makes my
knees go weak
and my toes curl.
It's five days,
and several hours,
before our first date,
but already he talks
of the future,
like I am the prize
he wants to win!
It all comes down to
chemistry, respect,
love and faith,
I'm praying
this is the man
I've been waiting for,
and I'll know it
by the end of
our first date.
:iconwordconvict:wordconvict 3 0



Artist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Kelowna
Favourite genre of music: indie
Favourite style of art: painting
Operating System: windows 7
MP3 player of choice: ipod video
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie
Personal Quote: You do not love a girl because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her.


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